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Pinball Museum in Moscow

Moscow is not the only city where there are similar museums! Pinball lovers around the world collect and restore machines of this type, the largest collections are collected in museums and exhibitions. For example, one of the largest Pinball museums in Europe is located in Hungary and has about 100 pinballs and in California the annual exhibition Arcade Expo collects more than 1000 Pinball machines in one space. The exposition of the Pinball Museum in Moscow presents 28 machines from 1934 to 2013, all major manufacturers. The basis for the museum was the project GoPinball (gopinball.ru), created as a hobby by the collection owner.

According to the rules of the museum, all visitors are given the opportunity not only to see, but also to play pinballs, so their technical condition is monitored with particular care.


Children (up to 14 y.o.) - 350 rub.
Included 10 coins

Adult - 550 rub.

Included 10 coins

Family - 950 rub.
(2 adult and 3 children)
Included 20 coins

Unlimited - 1000 rub.
coins unlimited for 1 day for 1 person


cash and plastic cards are accepted

Moscow, Park Kultury metro station

Gorky Park

Krymskiy bridge, Gate II from Krymskaya Nabezhnaya



Monday - Thursday   4 pm - 11 pm

Friday - Sunday and Holidays  12 am - 12 pm